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Free Shipping On Orders Over £30 #healtogether


When we opened our beautiful dispensary back in 2019, our dream was to one day be able to offer a completely holistic approach to wellbeing.

A space where people could come to heal, learn, grow, explore, let go, gather, bond, and simply be. So we are beyond delighted to announce that Karma Coast Collective is now officially open.

Whether you’re looking to soak up the vibrant energy of group classes or embark on a more personal exploration in a safe, quiet setting, we hope that Karma Coast Collective will provide a sanctuary where you can truly just be, a place where likeminded souls come together to heal together. 

Situated high above the clifftops in the heart of Tynemouth village, we look forward to welcoming you into Karma Coast Collective.

Transformative journeys await…


In addition to our wonderful dispensary, we are opening up our collective spaces to dedicated local practitioners, therapists and healers and the vibrant community we live in.

Our light-filled studio will host diverse classes and workshops encompassing everything from yoga and movement to breathwork, sound healing, meditation and more in a harmonious blend of mind, body and soul.

Karma Coast Collective Community 300 x 300
Karma Coast Collective One To One Room


Our smaller, more intimate space has been carefully designed for holistic therapists specialising in counselling, psychotherapy, reiki, mindfulness and other transformative practices to work on a 1:1 basis in calm, peaceful surroundings.

events and workshops

Each month, we will also hold a series of thoughtfully curated, enriching workshops, events and talks. From captivating screenings and sonic sound journeys to enlightening lectures and soul-stirring live music performances, everything is designed to nurture growth, understanding and community.

Karma Coast Collective Events