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What Is CBG Oil?

As people are becoming more aware of the various cannabinoids produced by the cannabis plant, we are very pleased to introduce you to Cannabigerol (CBG). This is perhaps the most important of the cannabinoids as it is the parent molecule from which the better-known cannabinoids (CBD, CBC, and THC) are synthesized.  It is non-psychotropic, so it will not cause the ‘high’ associated with THC.

We believe that CBG is best taken alongside CBD, so this product gives you the best of both worlds. It contains 500mg of CBG and 500mg of CBD carried in non-GMO organic hemp seed oil. So, each drop has 1.25mg of CBG and 1.25mg of CBD as well as a full array of the other cannabinoids and terpenes which make our products so popular.

A ‘Super-critical CO2 Extraction’ process is used to extract the oil from the highest grade European (certified) hemp plants. The end result is a rich, golden oil free of plant matter and much better tasting than similar oils available. The quality of the oil is tested at several points in the production process, so we can guarantee the quality of all batches – and more importantly, guarantee the CBG/CBD content you are paying for.

For purchasers wishing to take up to 30mg of CBG/CBD a day, this 20ml bottle will provide you with at least a 30 day supply.

Our CBG oil is a fully legal food supplement designed to be taken sublingually. Simply drop the required dose under your tongue and hold it there for at least 60 seconds before swallowing.


  • Organic cannabis Sativa whole-plant extract (including a minimum of 500mg CBG and 500mg of CBD)
  • Non-GMO, organic hemp seed oil (carrier oil)
  • No pesticides
  • No herbicides
  • No heavy metals
  • No additives


We don’t make any medical claims about our products but do your research, and you can then decide for yourself whether or not you can benefit from the wonderful herb that is cannabis. Also, research ‘the entourage effect’ to see the importance of using full-spectrum products rather than isolates or synthetic CBD products.

Shake well before use.

All products sold by Karma Coast contain less than 0.2% THC.

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  • Krisztian Nagy

    I really like this product. I have been ordering from this company for almost half a year now. I used to take some CBD capsules from Holland and Barret but did not really feel any difference. I tried Karma’s CBD, and CBD/CBG and they way more different when it comes to feeling the effects on your daily life. It gives a good base for your day to go smooth.

    June 19, 2021
    Verified Review

    Just started using the CBG/CBD oil over the past week, and really pleased with the results. It is working well for my arthritis pain and also improves sleep. Very highly recommended.

    March 20, 2021
    Verified Review

    Been using the 600mg for over 6 months now for IBS with pretty good results. After reading about CBG benefits for gut health I switched over to this mix of CBG/CBD. Definitely a step up. Amazing combo. Thank you Karma Coast, you’ve given me my life back!

    October 1, 2020

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