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Karma Coast x Baristocracy Coffee

Both passionate about working with fellow small businesses, Karma Coast and Baristocracy Coffee are bringing together the highest quality full-spectrum CBD oil with expertly roasted speciality coffee beans to deliver the best CBD coffee for the absolute best of both worlds. CBD coffees could be the perfect way to introduce the health benefits of CBD oil into your everyday routine while enhancing the benefits of coffee.

CBD continues to evolve, and it is now available in quite a few forms. If you are a coffee drinker and enjoy coffee shops, or you brew your own morning cup of coffee at home in your coffee machine before you start your daily routine, then our CBD coffee can enhance the bean coffee experience. Our coffee gives you a new experience and promotes overall wellness with added health benefits and energy levels that can last the entire day. Regular coffee may never be the same again as coffee lovers discover a new way to enjoy their morning coffee.

Why CBD Coffee?

A small change in your daily routine can deliver a wide range of therapeutic benefits. Like yin and yang, the effects of coffee, caffeine and CBD have been shown to work synergistically together, resulting in a smoother, more prolonged caffeine kick. We only use full-spectrum CBD in our CBD-infused coffee beans, which deliver the full range of cannabinoids, unlike other coffee brands.

How to prepare the coffee:

Best enjoyed however you like to brew.

  • Filter: 60g coffee to 1L water
  • Boil the kettle and allow it to cool for 3-4 mins before pouring.
  • Espresso: aim for double the amount of espresso out as coffee, e.g. 16g coffee: 32g espresso.


  • Karma Coast 20mg Full Spectrum CBD per 20g coffee
  • TASTING NOTES: frangipane – Toffee – Grape
  • GRIND: whole bean
  • WEIGHT: 250 g

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