CBD MYLK 1000mg


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Karma Coast CBD Mylk, water-soluble CBD drops.  Our innovative new vegan CBD formula is created from organic CBD distillate from our Colorado farm. Our Mylk offers five times improved bioavailability when compared to oil-based drops made from the same CBD extract.

As the body is mainly made up of water, it finds it difficult to absorb oils into the bloodstream. Water-soluble products are absorbed and digested far more efficiently. This means more CBD entering the bloodstream and quicker.

Each drop contains 5mg of a high-quality, gold standard, broad-spectrum CBD that can simply be added to any drink or food.

Try popping 1-3 drops in your morning tea or afternoon coffee and repeat twice daily. Or simply use sublingually as with our original, whole-plant preparations.

3 reviews for CBD MYLK 1000mg

  1. Matt

    Top notch! After taking for a few weeks, 6 drops in my coffee every morning, or in a post workout shake, I really started to feel the effects. Helped to aid recovery from runs and training, along with keeping my mental health in check. Tastes nice too.

    • Karma Coast

      Thank you Matt!

  2. Mo

    I can highly recommend this product. It blends nicely in my coffee with it being water based. I use 4 drops and I find it gives me a nice feeling of wellbeing. I have also started to add a couple of drops to my breakfast cereal.

    • Karma Coast

      Wonderful Mo. Thank you fir your review!

  3. Georgia

    After finding the CBD coffee beans work well for my anxiety and my mums joint inflammation, Magda recommended this. And works just the same and great as quicker to put in instant coffee or tea or whatever you like really. Slight taste but not unpleasant and don’t really notice anymore. We both start our morning with a few drops of this in our first drink of the day, definitely recommend and will be repurchasing!

    • Karma Coast

      Brilliant results! How fantastic! Thank you for your review Georgia, we really appreciate it. X

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