Free Shipping On Orders Over £30 #healtogether

Free Shipping On Orders Over £30 #healtogether


With our CBD vape pen, we wanted to create something that would deliver a dose of CBD quicker than anything else. Well, here it is – the Karma Pen – the most efficient and effective vape pen available on the market for CBD users. We’ve created a bespoke extract using heat and distillation (CBD distillate), especially for our CBD cartridges. Our vape oil contains absolutely no cutting agents like vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol. You will be simply vaping pure, organic, high quality CBD oil with natural flavours (terpenes) straight from the cannabis plant. We’re confident these elegant CBD vapes are the best CBD vape pens available.

Think of the Karma Pen as the “ultimate rescue remedy” for the body and mind. Its effects are almost instantaneous. Whether you need a quick top-up between tincture doses or capsules or require some rapid relief, these clever little CBD vape oil pens will immediately deliver your dose.

The devices make CBD vaping simple too. There are no buttons to press. Take one to three short, one-second draws from the mouthpiece per dose. Our vapes create a mild, smooth CBD infused vapour that’s barely noticeable but more concentrated than any other CBD vape pen out there. A completely different experience to vaping nicotine – our vape devices are specially created to vape CBD and do not produce those huge clouds of vapour you might see from a normal vape device. The pens are created using unique technology imported from the USA, which gently atomises our organic CBD extract for you to enjoy.

The Karma CBD vape devices not only deliver a high-strength dose of CBD for rapid absorption but, with our unique, wide selection of organic terpene blends, they taste great, too. Each strain profile produces a delicious flavour and, with it, a different nuanced effect. We’ve made choosing the right pen for you easy. Each strain has a drop-down description to click on, showing that specific strain’s CBD strengths and benefits.

The Karma Pen is extremely easy to use, portable and barely bigger than a Biro. The cartridge has an exclusive black ceramic making it a pleasure to use. A few more reasons we believe it is the best vape pen on the market to date.

Terpenes are naturally occurring aromatic oil compounds that determine how cannabis affects the body. Vaping CBD oil is the fastest and most economical way to deliver CBD to the body, with over 90% reaching the bloodstream almost instantly.

The market has become flooded with disposable CBD vape pens. However, unlike disposable CBS vapes, our pen comes with a CBD vape kit so you can recharge your pen for months and even years of use. We don’t work with disposable vape pens due to their unsustainable nature. Each different vape cartridge in our range has a universal 510 thread fitting so no need to use a disposable vape pen.


In the UK, vaping isolated CBD will not show up in a drug test because the cannabinoid itself is not on the controlled substance list and, therefore, won’t flag. Our CBD cartridge range contains a full-spectrum CBD and a broad-spectrum CBD selection.


Consuming CBD is very relaxing for the mind and body. Our pens contain a very small amount of THC – an active ingredient found in cannabis. THC is commonly found at high levels in marijuana, and CBD is more abundant in hemp plants.


CBD vaping and CBD vape oils are fully legal in the UK. However, always ensure CBD oils are under 0.2% THC when looking for CBD vaping products. This is the legal limit for THC in the UK.


CBD is very effective when vaporised compared to other methods. If you inhale substances using a vape pen, they can enter your system quickly and efficiently. The bioavailability can be as much as 90%. However, using a CBD pen to vape CBD oil will only last for a short time in the system compared to orally ingesting it. The half-life (the time it lasts in the system) when vaping is around 2-3 hours. It won’t matter how much CBD you use at once. This will stay the same. This is much shorter than orally ingested methods, which are around 6-8 hours.

The Karma Coast quality

At Karma Coast, we will never compromise regarding your health. We only use the highest quality CCELL hardware imported from the USA. The manufacturing process uses no glue, and the cartridges have been tested for heavy metals, so there’s no chance of any unwanted nasties leaching into the CBD vape oil and ultimately ending up in your body. CCELL’s quality control is second to none. The benefits of CBD can be enjoyed with no worries about quality control.

These are just some reasons our pen is the epitome of quality when it comes to CBD vape pen cartridges available anywhere on the global market.