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Exploring the Benefit of Sauna: A Step Toward Enhanced Health and Relaxation

At Karma Coast we’re constantly researching ways to holistically improve wellbeing, both mentally and physically . Well, what if you could enhance your health and relaxation by sitting in a room? That’s the power of sauna therapy, a tradition cherished by us for its many benefits. It’s a therapy I’ve been employing more in recent years. The effects, for myself, are notabable and carry through into the day and night. Various studies support the benefits of sauna use, from boosting cardiovascular health to mitigating pain and aiding in chronic condition management. In this article, we dive into the science behind these benefits and provide practical tips to maximise your sauna experience.

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Mental Health Awareness Week: Helpful tips #tohelpmyanxiety

May 15th – 21st 2023 marks Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, an event which has been running since 2001 and has become one of the world’s most significant observances for raising awareness of mental health conditions and removing the stigma.

This year, the theme is anxiety – an issue that Mental Health UK has estimated over 8 million people in the UK are experiencing at any one time.

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What Are Endocannabinoids?

CBD oil is a very unusual supplement, in that it has a vast array of mechanisms through which it works in the body. In fact, a whopping 65 molecular targets have been discovered for CBD alone, and they just seem to keep on coming. While all of these play vital roles in the effects CBD has (explaining in a nutshell how CBD can affect so many different things), it’s perhaps the interaction with the endocannabinoid system that has the most over-arching impact.

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CBD and Alcohol

Most people enjoy a drink from time to time, and why not? Just like coffee, cannabis and the many other drugs out there, it’s part of human nature to want to experience these things and the altered states they produce. Providing you’re old enough, taking care of yourself and are in a healthy place to do so, there’s really no reason not to. However, understanding our limits, and the limits where these substances become an issue, is vital for enjoying alcohol and anything else responsibly and safely.

sisters and the sea women with surfboard

Sisters And The Sea

I’ve been involved in film photography since 2020. I think, like everyone at the time, I was feeling like I had been shaken, rattled and rolled with no say in the landing.

I had just qualified as an intensive care nurse in March 2020 which coincided with the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. The prospect of being a brand new nurse was already pretty daunting but this was a whole other level. I’ll never forget my first shift on nights, being helped into layers of PPE by my new colleagues, my heart beating a million miles an hour, walking onto the unit feeling very much out of my depth.

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Can CBD help with inflammation?

Inflammation gets a bad rap, but it actually plays a vital role in the body. When you’re injured, or you get an infection, chemicals released from white blood cells enter your blood and tissues to increase blood flow to the at-risk area to help protect and heal.

my journey with cbd

CBD – My Journey

In February 2020, I hit rock bottom. I found myself in a position where I wasn’t able to move around my house, let alone succeed at work. I didn’t want to be alive again. I took a week off work at the advice of my doctor. I was once again told I was at the point where I needed to take medication for my mental health. Twenty-four hours later, I binned them all.

emilie chartier art blog

Emilie Chartier Art – Healing And Creating by The Sea

At Karma Coast, as well as our passion for health and wellness, our roots are sunk deeply into music and the arts, and we firmly believe in the soul-healing power that comes with connecting through creating. The recently launched Karma Sessions are our way of sharing our love for music and its healing properties; bringing the community together, whilst showcasing some amazing local talent in the North East. In this same spirit, we’ve decided to launch a new section of our blog, chatting to local artists, musicians, and creatives, and sharing their stories with you. Our first guest is local artist Emilie Chartier, sharing about her connection to the North Sea, healing through creating, and the beauty in community.

karma coast effects of stress

The Effects Of Stress On Our Physical And Mental Health

When was the last time you felt stressed? With over 50% of the population reporting feelings of overwhelming stress in their daily lives*1, it’s probable that it isn’t too difficult to recall. Many of us are aware that prolonged periods of stress can have damaging effects, both mental and physical, but few of us understand why, or what to do with this knowledge.

So, let’s talk about it.