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The Karma CBD pen is the most efficient and effective CBD vape pen available on the market. Pair it up with our single-source organic high terpene distillate oils for a 100% natural experience. We’ve managed to squeezed 365mg of CBD distillate into our cartridges, so you’re getting a great deal of CBD for your money too. The CBD pen not only delivers a high strength dose for rapid absorption but with our unique terpene blends, it tastes incredible as well. Inhalation is the most bio-available method of delivery to the body, with over 90% of the precious cannabinoids making their way into our system. The Karma Pen is extremely easy to use and portable. Simply screw the cartridge into the pen battery, and it’s ready to use. The cartridge has an exclusive black ceramic mouthpiece making it a pleasure to use. We don’t use plastics, and this ensures that no unwanted fumes are created like most cheap low-cost cartridges on the market.

Karma Coast never compromises when it comes to health matters. We only use the highest quality CCELL hardware imported from the U.S.A. Cheap products can leak glue and metal into the extract, which inevitably ends up in our body.

If you have ever used other portable dab vape pens, you will note that the CCELL far surpasses the vapour production in a matter of seconds. This precision and immediate vapour production allow for more controlled and accurate dosing.

The Karma Coast vaporiser cartridge contains revolutionary new technology. The heating element replaces the traditional cotton fibre wick for porous ceramic instead, this keeps a smoother oil supply to the coil. This enables the device to create vapour without the burnt taste, which usually happens with other CBD vape pens available. The heating wire is embedded directly into the ceramic which gives controlled heat distribution. No need for excessive thinning agents which come with health risks, this means you can taste the CBD oil as if it was on a real low temp dab. The Karma Pen will cope with a thick extract, no problem at all. Just one of the reasons it is hands down the best vape pen cartridge available on the market to date.

The pen comes in 3 different strains/flavours. The terpene profiles create different nuanced effects so you can choose what’s most suitable for you. This product contains less than 0.2% THC.


Sativa profile (focus, energy, creative). Juicy flavours of  Goji Berry OG strain.


Indica profile (relax, tranquil, social) Fruity, herby Zkittlez strain flavours.


Hybrid profile. Made from actual cannabis-derived terpenes. (This strain has a strong aroma of cannabis flowers ). It is exceedingly smooth.


Hybrid profile. Created with steam distilled actual cannabis terpenes, this is our favourite stand out cartridge. With flavours of cucumber and green tea, this option is the smoothest of them all. The Mazar strain of cannabis is one of the oldest known landraces, originating in Afghanistan and growing up to 4 meters tall. It has a naturally high CBD content.


• Single-origin organic broad-spectrum CBD distillate from our Colorado farm
• Natural solvent-free distilled cannabis-inspired terpenes/ cannabis-derived terpenes
• CBD Concentration: 52%
• THC Concentration: 0.0%
• Terpene Levels: High (10%)
• Quantity of Oil per cartridge: 700mg


• Quantity of active CBD per cartridge: 365mg (Approx)700mg of broad-spectrum 52% CBD distillate per cartridge.
• Zero PG, PEG, VG, or any other non-terpene ingredients.
• Reliable and efficient
• 100% Natural ingredients.
• Large clouds can be made from a swift 3-4 second draw.
• High output battery
• Controlled & Effortless airflow.
• Polished ceramic mouthpiece
• Precision dosing for clinical applications
• 350mAh battery
• Quality circuit board with multiple protection
• Built-in LED indicator
• Universally rechargeable with a micro USB adapter (included)

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Biscotti, Black Cherry Soda, Bubblegum OG, Cookies, Goji OG, Grapefruit Diesel, Mazar, Raspberry Cookies, Zkittlez

2 reviews for KARMA CBD VAPE PEN

  1. Adika

    Perfect accessory for any office worker 👍🏽

    • Karma Coast

      Thank you Adika!

  2. Ryan S.

    After trying many brands of CBD pen for my stress and anxiety I eventually settled with Karma Coast’s very own. Rugged yet great to handle, you not only feel the quality in your hand but also as you inhale. The modular nature of these pens means once you have a battery pack, you’re free to try all the range of flavours – of which there many – to pick a favourite! My general day-to-day demeanour is always positive when using this pen, my mind more focused with sleep quality improved. The stress we endure day-to-day can really drag us down and I’d implore anybody with a hectic lifestyle to explore Karma Coast’s simple yet dazzling range. Bravo!

    • Karma Coast

      Thank you for the eloquent review Ryan. Glad you’re enjoying our products!

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