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The world’s most concentrated, all-natural CBD pen.

Reaching a staggering 77% cannabinoid content and containing nothing other than cannabis-derived ingredients, the Karma Pen Deluxe stands out in front of any CBD vape pen available on the market.

Until now, at 52% the Karma Pen Original held the title as the most concentrated CBD pen in the UK. But now, here at Karma Coast, with the use of brand new technology we’ve created a product that’s 50% more potent again.

Using a full spectrum CBD extract containing a vast array of cannabinoids (including ‘the Rolls Royce’ – CBG at a huge 9%) the Karma Pen Deluxe takes CBD supplementation to a new level.

Whilst most CBD vape oils on the market use MCT, VG, or PG to reach an optimal viscosity, the Karma Pen Deluxe contains nothing but pure organic plant extract. No mixing or cutting agents, nothing but the pure beneficial essence of the plant. This is a huge step for a CBD cartridge, and it’s what makes it the Karma Pen Deluxe unique.

At Karma Coast, we use only the most advanced and gentle methods of extraction to ensure we preserve the true healing nature of the plant. The end product simply contains full-spectrum CBD distillate rich in cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBN, and CBDv) and actual cannabis-derived terpenes. Nothing else.

Game changer.

Karma Pen Deluxe Ingredients

  • Single-origin full spectrum CBD distillate sourced from our Colorado farm
  • Natural solvent-free distilled cannabis-derived terpenes
  • Cannabinoid Concentration: 77% (52% CBD / 9% CBG / 3.5% CBDV / 4.5% Highest Other / 8% All Other)
  • THC Concentration: 0.2%
  • Terpene Levels: High (10%)
  • Quantity of Oil per cartridge: 700mg

Karma Pen Deluxe

Cannabinoid content 77%

52% CBD / 9% CBG / 3.5% CBDV / 4.5% Highest Other / 8% All Other – Total 77%

This is a premium product and contains all the original terpenes of the plant plus added steam-distilled terpenes from actual cannabis.

Note. Due to concentration, the Karma Pen Deluxe is stronger upon inhalation than the Karma Pen Original and should be used sparingly. Suggested use 1x 1-second draw per dose then increase if required.

This product contains under 0.2% THC.

Karma Pen Stats

  • Zero PG, PEG, VG, or any other non-terpene ingredients.
  • Reliable and efficient
  • 100% Natural ingredients.
  • High output battery
  • Controlled & Effortless airflow.
  • Polished ceramic/cedarwood mouthpiece.
  • Precision dosing for clinical applications.
  • 350mAh battery.
  • Quality circuit board with multiple protection.
  • Universally rechargeable with a micro USB adapter (included).

Additional information


Moroccan Hash Strain, OG Kush Strain

8 reviews for KARMA PEN DELUXE

  1. cgb

    Feels great having the privilege to be able to experience the benefits of the deluxe 77% CBD/CBG mix in Karma Coasts new vape.
    The taste is like nothing I’ve ever experienced… pure and very tasty.
    Ever since I’ve included Karma Coats CBD products in my daily routines, I’ve found that it helps with my sleep, but also keeps me stress free and super focused during the working week.
    The Delux 77% is my new favourite and I couldn’t recommend this product enough

  2. dave.birdsey (verified owner)

    I’ve been using other products in the Karma Coast range, primarily for pain relief, but I was surprised just how much they’d relieved my feelings of stress and anxiety.
    I ordered this deluxe vape pen straight away, and wasn’t disappointed. It’s the most potent available in the UK, and all organic.
    Just 2 or 3 short inhalations, and you can feel the calming effect within minutes! It’s perfect for keeping with me when I need some extra help through the day.
    I’d recommended this to anyone over pills and prescribed potions.
    There are no side effects with the natural remedies.
    Full marks from me!

  3. amykathrynjensen

    It still surprises me every time I use the new 77% Deluxe pen how effective it is a relieving stress and mental unrest. After running it has even become a great recovery aid! The beneficial uses of this amazing herbal medicine are endless and I’m very grateful for the ongoing support that’s always on hand from the guys at Karma Coast. I always feel fully informed, understood and well guided when trying new products and would highly recommend the new Karma Deluxe pen.

  4. lowza99

    I have been using the original pen for a long time now but what a step up this pen is. Amazing taste and the effect is just stunning, easily the best CBD pen on the market, well done Karma Coast

  5. massivefaf

    Thank you for the quick delivery of the new Moroccan hash deluxe pen. This is the best CBD i have ever tried (i have tried and used so many different brands ). Its not just the nicest tasting but the most effective ive ever experienced, it has helped relive my anxiety helped with my chronic pain, i’m even sleeping better. I cant believe how effective your product is to the point of me doubting the strength and quality of the other brands out there . keep up the good work i cant praise you guys and your products enough thanks again.
    johnny b

  6. tfcurtis94

    Absolutely love this new pen! Being a loyal Karma Coast customer for over a year, I have welcomed the changes daily CBD usage has brought to my life with open arms! However, this pen is a game changer, whether it’s with your morning coffee or in your work bag just to take the anxiety out of a stressful day, you will not regret this purchase! The team at Karma Coast are always there to advise, so don’t be afraid to hit up their Instagram with any questions you have about any of the products, you will not be disappointed! x

  7. jordan.thompson19

    Been using this for a couple of weeks now absolutely love this product, so relaxing perfect for current situations xx

  8. glenrswing

    I had never used CBD before in any form, Magda and Dylan couldn’t have been any more helpful and informative. There service is 5*.

    I was lucky enough to get one of the new Deluxe CBD pens and it really is incredible.

    When ever I’m feeling anxious or stressed the pen is the perfect way to ease the stress, it helps me sleep and gives me a relaxed clear perspective – and smells incredible

    I am so lucky Karma Coast is on my doorstep …

    100% I will be continuing using Karma Coast and am looking forward to watching them go from strength to strength

    Thanks Karma Coast

    Glen. X

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